Weezer (member #995)

Big Brother Weezer

Weezer (member #995)

Weezer and Noelle

When your pet wants to announce THE BIG REVEAL of their new human brother or sister, our new Sibling Pet Trading Card does it in a new and fun way. Each card can be personalized to include your pets’ photos and a brief bio of your pet welcoming the new one.

Toki Poki member Weezer from San Antonio, Texas (#995) did just that recently to announce his new human sister to the world last year. Weezer was so excited that, after years of being the “only” in his little family, his parents were ready to announce a baby was on the way and he was going to be a Big Brother.

His sister, Noelle, arrived in September of 2018 and Weezer showed that he has the big brother skills. He is the face cleaner and food vacuum. He teaches her all the fun games he knows. And, because his parents love to travel the city and visit hip new places, Weezer and Noelle are now seen out on the town, with Weezer being her ultimate protector.

Weezer is an active Toki Poki member who truly knows how to work the crowd! We are fortunate to live in the same town and  visit often with this Westie socialite and of course, we all look forward to seeing Weezer’s next matching outfit with Noelle.

Out on the hiking trail of life, we love to meet other people and their pets and Weezer and his family are one of those locals in our community who truly knows the best pet-friendly places to be seen. And when YOU see him pushing his sister’s stroller around the San Antonio, Texas area, ask him for his Toki Poki card.

You can follow @WeezerTheWestie on Instagram and Facebook if you want to know what everyone is barking about.