National Pet Day

Mia Bonita (member #1155)

National Pet Day is April 11th …but everyday is National Pet Day when you’re a pet parent.

According to a study done by called The Truth About Dog People, which surveyed thousands of dog owners, 56% of dog people say hello to their dog before greeting the rest of the family. I will honestly say, that’s me! It happens sometimes as a default because they are usually greeting me first but it is no surprise that it is the new norm.

The study goes on to discuss how 65% of dog people “admitted to taking more pictures of their dog than their significant other…” Just today, I had to print out a single photo at a local pharmacy and when I plugged in my phone, the attendant commented on how many photos I had. Yes, I have a lot of photos of my own dogs, and even more of my clients’ dogs too!

Are you guilty of these?

National Love Your Pet Day is a day to pamper your pets and focus on how they share that very special bond with you and your family.

To honor my pet, here’s Mia Bonita’s Toki Poki pet trading card!

Here are some ways YOU can celebrate —

  1. Donate blankets, toys, bowls and/or food to your favorite animal shelter
  2. Volunteer your time at a local shelter or rescue
  3. Spend the day taking photos of your pets and then posting them on social media – #nationalpetday
  4. Give your cat a little catnip or kitty grass as an extra treat
  5. Give them a massage or grooming session
  6. Take your dog to visit elderly friends or neighbors

Whatever you decide to do with your furry family members to honor the day, make sure there’s plenty of kisses and snuggles…and time spent with YOU!