Operation Santa Paws

Operation Santa Paws

Have you ever heard a pet lover say, “if I win the lottery, I’m going to open a rescue for all pets.” Yup…many of us have said it – we would all totally do that.

The shelters & rescues in our country do an amazing job, with limited resources, of housing and caring for pets until they find a forever home.

We, as a culture, may not have the time, money or fortitude to do the job these organizations are doing every day, but we can help them in our own way. They need ordinary household supplies – stuff we have around the house like newspaper, old towels, bleach. They need kitty litter, collars, bedding. They are not asking for top of the line stuff either. Just whatever we can donate. Every little bit helps.

There is a way to make a difference, with YOUR help.

This year Toki Poki will collect much needed supplies for the rescues and shelters day-to-day operations. It’s called…

“Operation Santa Paws”

Working from their current wish lists, we’ve compiled a master list of the most needed supplies.


Just call or email us to arrange a time to drop off your Santa Paws supplies to the Toki Poki Petquarters in Selma, TX and we will personally deliver them to local shelters and/or rescues.

If you’re not local, collect your donations and bring it to your local shelter or favorite rescue. You’ll get tail wags and whisker twitches in exchange for all your support.

They can’t do it alone, but we can help them – together!

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