Yeti’s Dog-Life

Yeti Romano, Toki Poki member #624, is featured for our Member Spotlight interview to learn more about his dog-life. He is currently his Mom’s assistant at Toki Poki Petquarters and has a very interesting background. We sat down with him on the floor to ask him a few questions – here is his story, in his own words.

Mr. Yeti, we are so happy to meet you! Please introduce yourself. What breed are you?

I am a Lhasa Apso, bred in the United Kingdom at the Snowtalia Cottage. I was born in November 2006 and flown to the U.S. by my first Mom, Donna. We loved each other very much. She taught me how to be a handsome young man in the show ring and I even won some medals. But, my first Mom got sick and then she wasn’t around anymore. I was sad, but I made my way to Lhasa Apso Rescue in Loveland, Colorado where they took real good care of me. From there, I was adopted by my second Mom, Michelle and we live in San Antonio, Texas. Now, we are two peas in a pod. I love my life!

I am also a cancer survivor so every day is a new and wonderful adventure. I survived a carcinoma on my small intestines. It took me a long time to get well, but I did it! I’m all better now.

Oh my dogness Yeti, we are so happy you recovered from your cancer surgery! That must have been so scary for you.

Yeti, we heard you have a very unique nickname. What is it and how did you get it?

Sometimes people call me “Yeti Spaghetti.” I like it and I know it’s fun to say. My Mom started calling me that a long time ago and it just stuck. Now all my friends call me that. I even have a spaghetti outfit in my wardrobe collection.

Your Mom is a very special animal advocate and big fan of Toki Poki. Tell us about her.

My Mom is the greatest! Not only does she take such special care of me and my kitty sisters, but she is a pet sitter. That means, she takes care of other doggies and kitties whose Mommy’s are not home. I know she cares for them just like she does me. I miss her when she’s away, but she always comes home to make sure I have my potty time and meals. My Mom also fosters dogs who have no homes until she can find them one. That’s how I made my way to her a long time ago. She also rescued all three of my kitty sisters. I just love her.

I help my Mom when she works at Toki Poki Petquarters by laying on my bed under her desk to keep her company and letting her know when I need to potty so she remembers to take a break. We are a great team!

She has been a fan of Toki Poki for many years and was even the official pet sitter for Miss Toki. I was one of Toki’s closest friends. We were so sad when she left our world for the next. But, I saw her angel wings and they were so white and so beautiful. I know she’s ok where she is.

Awww…that’s so sweet of you to say that, Yeti. I’m sure you miss your furiend. Toki Poki Pet Trading Cards have so many uses and we know you have quite a few. Who do you give yours to?

Yes, I have a lot of cards: standard, Halloween, Puppy Up, Superhero and Summer Luv’n. My cards are really cute cause my Mom takes fun pictures of me and Miss Christy always designs them so perfectly. My Halloween cards are fun to give to kids who love my costumes. The Superhero cards are given to someone who really needs that boost of superhero powers. My Puppy Up card shows that I’m brave and support cancer research and my Summer Luv’n card says that I like outdoor fun and memorable adventures.

I like to give my Toki Poki Pet Trading Cards to my veterinarians and vet techs, my groomer, my family, my neighbors and little kids I meet on walks. They sure make me “unforgettable.”

What makes your tail wag at top speed?

I’m a people-lover, especially little kids. Little humans are just my size and they love to pet me. I could sit in little human’s laps all day. I would love to find a little human to read to me sometime.

Modeling is also a passion of mine. I was “Mr. September” in the 2018 Puppy Up “Can’t Keep A Good Dog Down” annual calendar that includes my photo and bio. It was a very special honor and I even gave out pawtigraphs with my very own paw stamp. Halloween costumes, bandannas, hats, doggles, you name it…I model it.

Be honest, if you were allowed a bowl full of “something,” what would it be?

Grrrr….is this a trick question? If I could have a bowl full of bacon, that would be pawsome! It just tastes soooo good. My Mom would never let me though. She says I have to eat healthy. Wow, now I’m really craving bacon.

Don’t be shy, what is your most favorite part of being YOU?

My snuggly side. Honestly, if I could snuggle with a human, I’m set for the day. Since I’ve gotten older, I have lots more time to snuggle. That’s my favorite thing to do, preferably on a soft sofa… with a blankie.

If you had human money to donate, who would receive your generosity?

I don’t know what money is, ask my Mom about that. But I am very generous so if a dog needed some extra food or snackies, I would donate to my favorite rescue, Lhasa Apso Rescue – Colorado.

Thank you so much for your time today Yeti. What is your plan for the rest of your day?

Well, I’m going to head out to my yard to do my mid-morning patrol for squirrels. They creep around in my tree and seem to laugh at me so I must chase them off. It’s a challenging chore. After that, I’ll probably take a nap on the sofa and wait to be called for supper.

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